1. Act within 30 minutes of ‘liking’ a motivational quote on Facebook.


Nobody ever got in great shape from clicking a mouse. If you like it, it’s because it stirs something inside. Listen to what that something is then go ACT on it.

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2. When looking at your health and fitness, understand that some stuff won’t make sense because you’re still in the mindset of being too ‘immediate’.


We’re used to getting what we want when we want it and we want to see immediate, linear relationships between action and result.


Unfortunately the body doesn’t work that way and there’s often a delayed reaction. This can leave you thinking there is ‘no reason’ for how you feel but if you take the time to look back over 48 hours you can often find an explanation for your lack of energy, ‘random’ back pain etc.


3. Train for muscle, eat for health and fat loss.


If you want to look better stop obsessing about ‘burning fat’ in the gym.


You’ll make MUCH faster progress by training to improve your strength and lean muscle (with some metabolic conditioning) and eating cleanly.


Get rid of the cross-trainer marathons, exercise bikes and ‘chasing sweat’.



4. If you can’t believe you can get those results, be willing to suspend Disbelief.


Just start moving without pressuring or judging yourself about how you’re doing and whether it’s all worth it.


You’ll soon start to experience a mindset shift and believe in yourself.


For the moment just throw out all thoughts that you can’t and trust in the process.


Play the fitness game like OLD SCHOOL Super Mario.


Video games these days are like life – there’s just too many options and so much to do.


Go back to the good ol’ days when you HAD to complete Level 1 before you could move on to more advanced Level 2 then 3 then 4…


Ask what you can do at the level you’re at right now to get closer to your goals, then go do it.



5. Take the brakes off first.


We all try to hammer forward with new gym programs, new diets etc but there isn’t room for it in your life mentally or physically.


Take the breaks off by removing TV time so you have time for the gym, circuits of bad habits, and negative thinking as soon as your out of bed and looking in the mirror.


Your cup will always be too full for new stuff if you don’t empty it first.


When we know our fish is sick, we clean the water, we don’t tell the fish to swim harder and faster.

Just something to think about :)

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