Unless you can come to terms with this and start changing how you approach things, you’re going to be stuck going around in circles and making up excuses for, well…forever.


1) You always ask for the shortest term possible.

“Do you do a one month membership?”

A classic I hear as a gym owner.

Well no.

No we don’t because we bet on ourselves and you to get amazing results that you want to keep going. This question usually comes from those who are basically admitting they think they’re going to fail AGAIN at getting fit and so want to be able to get out as soon as it goes wrong again.

What are you going to do after a month?

It’s like throwing a small bait in the sea on a rod and hoping in five minutes, you catch the Loch Ness monster!

Fitness can’t be achieved and held on to like say money in an account.

You have to keep doing it and keep improving if you don’t want to slip back.

You don’t get it in four weeks then opt to ‘save’ it or gamble on the next roll of the dice.

You know this, but you’re betting against yourself to be inspired enough by your own life to commit to yourself for more than a few weeks in case…

In case of what….?!


2) The best case scenario always seems more painful to get to than where you are now.

Whenever we make a decision it is simply weighing up the pain of change against the pleasure expected. 

If you always see that the best case scenario comes with so much pain to get there, you will inevitably decide that the discomfort of the life you hate right now is more acceptable.

This simply comes down to not believing you can get really, really good results because you’ve become so negative about anything and everything.

If you can bet ON yourself to achieve the best possible from a fitness program the pleasure and experience of doing so becomes more valuable than avoiding the pain of change to get there.

This requires, getting into the emotional reasons for doing it not just chasing a loss of 5-6lbs of body fat 

If you think you have to give up carbs, a social life and your very soul to lose 5 lbs of fat, you won’t bother and I don’t blame you!

If however you find out you can train three times a week, have a few drinks and get down to a toned Size 10 and get attention from that guy you’ve fancied for years and live happily ever after, it all becomes worth it!

3) You’re fixated on the worst case scenario.

Even if you DO know you could look significantly better than you do now and feel great as a result, you may be fixated on all the things that could go wrong.

You could fall over in the class.

You could starve because the trainer might make you eat a lettuce leaf a day.

You could die a horrible death at the hands of a 5kg dumbbell.

You could be the fattest in a group of super athletes.

None of the above will happen if you choose a half decent coach but that’s what you fixate on, so you bet against yourself enjoying and benefitting from getting involved.


4) You have to ‘think about’ everything.

As soon as someone says, “I need to think about it”, I know things are doomed.


Because that person is about to go away and get caught up in the tangled web of bullshit we all weave in our own brains about what is likely to go wrong even though they REALLY want it.

If they were mentally in a place of being ready to to do it, they would already be doing it so thinking with the same rationale is going to get you nowhere.

New experiences whatever they are, require a leap faith outside your current way of thinking which has been shaped by everything that happened in the past. Had the past been successful, you would still be doing it and most likely wouldn’t be reading this. 

Figure Fix In Six.

5) You ask other peoples’ permission all the time.

 If you always look to friends, family and even your FB friend list for approval before you do anything, you know you’re betting against yourself and what you want.

You trust everyone else’s judgement more than your own and bet against your own desires in life.

Bad move, you’re awesome but don’t believe it.

6) Failure is a relief.

Failure proves you right so you’re often relieved when things go wrong (even though it was probably you who made them go wrong) because the world is still as you knew it 

This sounds stupid but this happens ALL the time because it gives us an ‘out’ for why we’re still unhappy which is better than saying “I messed up and didn’t try hard enough”.

Now we can use things like “It’s not for me”, “I’m too old”, “I’m too fat”.

No, you’re just betting against yourself being able to have a different, better life which is why nothing changes.

7) You have the attention span of a 3 year old dog chasing squirrels.

How may diets and workout plans have you tried?

The reason you keep changing is because you’re betting against yourself actually have chosen the right one the first time so keep getting distracted by what everyone else is doing. 

The reason they are getting better results is because they’ve been consistent, not necessarily because the program is better or worse.

Make a choice then DO IT PROPERLY for 6-12 weeks.

If it doesn’t work then it genuinely was a crappy program.

8) You’re always worrying.

This is the classic sign that you’re betting against your life going well so no matter what happens, you worry.

Going well? You’re worried it will fall apart.

Going badly? You’re worried it will carry on like this forever.

Neither is true.

 Bet on good things happening.

They won’t always but that’s a sucky part of life.


9) Something you want to do in life pulls at you everyday.

 You know what you want to do, but you find excuses not to make the leap and carry on as you are.

But like pushing a football under water, that bad boy just keeps on popping back up!

 You can’t hide from what you want, you can only keep betting against it working out, which leads to depression and feeling like you’re stuck in No Man’s Land – it’s like mental pinball!


10) Everything you do is about security. 

Usually this means money but it can also mean staying in relationships (romantic and friends) that don’t serve you well anymore just because they are there and they’re better than a big black hole of uncertainty.

For a time, the world was DEFINITELY a square and it was believed if you sailed too far you would fall off.

Accepting that things will change whether you like it or not, makes it easier to say “I might as well be in charge of the changes and do what I want to do!”

Right now, you’re betting that your world is square and it’s best to cement your position.

One day you find out it’s a circle and HAVE to change, but it’s more difficult because of the cement.

Uncertainty doesn’t mean bad stuff is bound to happen.

“As one door closes, another opens”

Try betting on that for once.

11) You never try anything if you’re not sure you can do it or there’s a guaranteed positive result.

That last rep. That last hill sprint. Increasing your pace on a run. Asking someone out. Quitting your job just because…well it’s shit.

If you only ever do what you know you can do, it’s pretty obvious you’ll never do anything different.

Change comes from challenge, so if you’re scared of a challenge, it’s time to accept things will never change.

Try betting ON yourself for a change and see what happens. 

12) You spend more time in other peoples’ lives than yours looking for answers and distractions.

 Instagram. Facebook. Reality TV. Internet browsing. Finding out what your mates are doing.

If EVERY bit of space you find in your life gets filled with any of the above, then you know you’re betting against the outrageous suggestion that you might actually be able to take control of your life and make it better. 

13) Most things you do right now are for someone else.

Family. Friends. Your boss.

When was the last time you did something for yourself, simply because you value your own life and want to do awesome stuff with it?

Giving is a fun part of life no doubt. But when it’s all you do, you become drained and a lot of great ideas end up in the graveyard.

It might seem honourable to always be there for everyone else but if it’s simply because you don’t value your own dreams of getting fit, taking on challenges and living out a few ambitions, you’ll likely end up pretty miserable.

14) You struggle to ever say “NO!”

This basically says “Your life and schedule are more important than mine” and I’m betting on you to make things better for me.


15) You’ve convinced yourself you’re destined to feel shit.

I am amazed how many people say “That’s just the way I am” when discussing how they feel anxious, depressed and miserable on a daily basis.

Whoever you are, you have acquired a very unique set of skills (this sounds like Liam Neeson in Taken) which you could use and more than likely (with some effort) make a living from.

You’re a badass who is about to start having some fun.

Try saying that to the mirror next time with a high five instead of telling yourself how you’ll always be fat.

16) You often think “I wish…”

A life full of doing cool stuff doesn’t happen by accident or because Channing Tatum delivers it in a box with a ribbon on some random Tuesday.

It’s in your hands (not Channing Tatum or anything of his – the future). 

17) You wish you looked like her.

This implies you don’t think you’re hot enough to get a guy or….well what other reason is there to look hot if you’re not competing or comparing on some level.

Don’t say you’re doing it for yourself and for self-confidence because you are still ultimately doing it to feel higher up the chain of ‘Who looks nice’ at work/a party/the gym/the beach to give you that confidence.

Don’t bet against yourself 

There’s a lot more to being attractive than just being pretty, one of which is confidence and living YOUR life because you’ve bet on yourself to get some serious cool shit done with it.


18) You get consumed by anxiety when you try something new.

 Ever had that chest tightening, nerve wracking feeling when you feel like the world is either going to eat you or crush you and you just want to run away from what could possibly ruin your life.

 Then you realise…it’s just a spinning class and actually nobody is even looking at you because they’re doing their own thing?

It’s very common among those who bet against themselves and fear the worst.

Just because you had kids or your job got in the way and you put on a little weight, doesn’t mean you don’t have as much right as anyone to become a success story and get in great shape.

My money is on you if you just get the first session done then make a commitment to YOURSELF (not the trainer or the friends you go with).


19) You always do the bare minimum to take part in stuff.

 You get the step at the back of the aerobics class.

 You choose the lightest weight to ‘get through and go home’.

 This isn’t gym class at school any more so you don’t have to keep betting against yourself.

Everyone is here because they’re sick and tired of being sick, tired and fat as well.

They, like you, deserve to be able to just get in, enjoy the fitness class and leave feeling very pleased with themselves for making progress.

 This is your body, your time and your chance to make a change.

 Are you going to take that chance or bet against yourself ever making changes and moving forward?


20) You say “I can’t” before you’ve even tried something.

 This is the classic sign of betting against yourself.

 You walk through life just assuming you’re a worthless piece of shit and the fun stuff is for everyone else.

 You see those people who are ‘doing it easily’.

 They were where you are at some point, they just held their nose and dived in then kept swimming until they got more comfortable.

 They aren’t special or better than you.

 They often don’t have any more skills than you.

 They just one day said, “I bet I can do this”.

 They survived and it wasn’t NEARLY as and as they thought.

Then they did it again.

And again and again and again because they KNOW life is there to be lived and milked and enjoyed.