1) Slow your repetitions down.


Instead of just pumping out push ups as fast as you can slow your tempo. 4 seconds down, 1 second up. The added tension on the muscles will result in more damage to tissues and the resultant rebound effect when you recover over the next 24-48 hours. Harder muscles with better definition.


2) Mix up full range reps with partial reps.

‘Locking out’ is a necessary part of training to train your joints to go through full ranges as happens in life and sport, but try a few sets where you only make it 90-95% of the way to a complete rep then start another one. Like the slower reps, more tension will put more stress on the muscles by doing the same amount of reps.


3) When you cook do enough for 3 days, box it up and refrigerate.

Steam more veg or roast loads at once, grill lots of chicken, stir fry 4-5 salmon fillets for cold salads. You’ll be prepped and ready to roll. No more time needed, and you’ll SAVE time not having to go to the shop every lunch and queue for some processed crap in a packet.


4) An hour before you go to bed, turn off computers, i-pads and TV’s.

You might be going to sleep but are you actually getting the benefits of DEEP sleep. The technology we typically use to relax emits blue light as opposed to say white light from a kindle and this has been shown to reduce melatonin production, the hormone that gets us into a deep sleep where the hormonal magic habits to encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


5) Workout against the clock.

For muscle building, at a basic level simply increasing what you do in a given time will lead to good results as a beginner.

Choose two exercises with weights you can complete only 12 excellent reps with.

Alternate the exercises as many times as you can in 12 minutes.

Next week do more sets, more reps and/or use more weight.

The total weight you lift each week should go up.

So if I do 4 sets of 10 squats with 20kg, I move a total of 800kg.

Next week I do 4 sets of 12 with 25kg and move a total of 1200kg.

Simple but effective!

Alternatively mix a cardio exercise with 2 resistance exercises and perform 4-5 rounds as fast as possible with excellent technique (this is critical!)

For example… 200m row, 10 push ups, 10 squats. Beat your time next week.

This will stop you wasting time texting, standing around and waiting for the next set!


6) Get your nutrition right around your workouts.

Even if you eat well, you can ramp up your results by getting things right in the time zone around training.

After your workout give your body carbs, it craves them after a workout.

If your workout on a night then it's perfect as you can have your evening meal when you get in.

Rice, potatoes, quinoa, oats, these are great for a after a workout


7) Drink more water.

You need water for muscle function, cell function and metabolism (and subsequent fat loss), sweating and food digestion.

Without it your fat loss and muscle building efforts will have the brakes on.

Aim for 2-3 litres of water per day.


8) Relax when you eat.

More and more studies show that who we are when we eat affects what we get from our food.

The same meal can have different effects simply by you taking 5 minutes to relax and breathe before eating slowly and allowing your body to break food down efficiently.

This will help with overeating and food cravings as your body takes more from the same food.

You cannot be in fight or flight mode and be in rest and digest mode at the same time.


9) Lift heavier.


Provided your technique is good, you need to lift heavier weights to cause body composition changes.

Yes you can lose weight simply by cutting calories and doing some cardio.

But eventually the weight loss will settle and/or you’ll just look like a smaller version of your fatter self.

Lifting heavier weights that challenge you will cause more changes to muscular definition and size if that’s what you want. Body fat will go down lower if you keep to a low carb diet and you’ll get closer to the shape you want.


10) Write EVERYTHING down when you workout.

It’s too easy to amble through a workout and THINK you’re doing better than last week.

A calorie is not a calorie (as in 250 calories worth of chicken will not have the same effect on your body as 250 calories of chocolate).

Similarly, all 45 minute workouts are not created equal.

Ditch the TV, texting, long rest breaks and slow, steady comfort workouts and you’ll be amazed what happens to your body.

That doesn’t mean you need to go mental and be an elite athlete.

It just means appreciate you are better than you imagine!

Then, on the way home, you remember you actually did 50kg not 45kg last week!

You remember you did 3 sets not 2.

And now your workout doesn’t seem as good.

Write everything down then make minor progressions each week KNOWING what you did and having confidence you can be a little better.



The point of this article is not to get into the details of how to design a program or session but how you can simply get more from doing the same stuff.


Life’s hard, busy and there’s lots to do. I’m not a lazy person. But I don’t have time to waste my life.


I want results from minimal effort.


Don't you?



 11) Cut the crap


80% of the stuff you do in life doesn’t contribute anything to what you say you want.


Facebook, watching the news, watching videos on Youtube, reading newspapers, reading magazines, watching TV, texting relentlessly, doing 10 workouts a week to burn more calories, playing email tennis at work, doing too much cardio….


Cut the crap out. Make more time for the stuff that matters and if you’ve done everything…


…chill out and relax.


You’ll then get more out of everything else!


Focussing on this simple process each time will bring results instead of guessing and maybe, kinda doing better (you think)….!


All of the above takes NO EXTRA TIME in your life.


It simply creates a better, more effective version of what you are doing. It’s like your bank suddenly upping the interest paid on your savings by 5% with nothing extra needed from you.


Except this will actually happen….!