I asked my Facebook group a question the other day; What areas would you like to tone up before Christmas?

I got a mixed response but one I hadn't seen before so thought I better answer it here.

"John, How do I get rid of the flabby bit's under my bra strap?"

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re an A-cup or a D-cup, or a size XS or XL—women of every shape and size experience this apparently, I have say I personally I have no such problem.

Sometimes, it might just be a matter of getting a bra that actually fits. But for many, this area between the armpits and chest just tends to be under toned and therefore, a bit flabby.

“The armpit is made up of many different muscles, so in order to tone it up, you have to work all of those muscles,

This includes the pectoralis muscles (chest), latissimus dorsi (back), triceps and biceps (upper arm), and deltoid (shoulders)


Since you can’t spot lose fat, you need to commit to eating clean and mix in both cardio and strength training to truly see results

It's usually why the women who start up my strength sessions end up looking more toned (not big and bulky)

What I would do, and if you already come to me you will know this already but mix cardio and resistance training together

You see, we can't spot reduce, meaning we can't just work that area and it be gone otherwise 6 packs would be more common that beer belly's :)

So instead of just telling you this I wanted to give you something you can do. So like I said before we need to work different muscles and below I have suggested some exercises you could do for each muscle

Chest - Press up (Full press ups if you can), DB Floor Press

Back - Think of any type of pulling motion so if you are using machines think of anything you pull towards you. We like to use Jungle Gym straps for exercise like rows, this will really help develop your back if you concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together.

Shoulders - anything you do where you press over your head

Biceps - Any type of curl movement

Triceps - Any type of pushdown movement or extension movement, We use the jungle gym again for this, although it seems to always hurt the next day it does help tone the arms


Hopefully this has helped slightly :)