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Are you really ‘on it’?

One of my Personal Training Clients

One of my Personal Training Clients


There's a very big difference between saying you're doing it and actually being seriously "on it".

By ‘on it’ I mean you’re just on fire with everything. You’re eating clean, looking forward to the gym every day and you feel motivated.

So many people say that they're really focussed, they're really training hard and they're eating well. But they're not really ‘on it’. They miss the occasional meal, they miss the occasional training session and they cheat when they're not supposed to. This type of person is usually the one complaining when they're only making small progress steps, if at any at all.

When it comes to really being on it, absolutely everything is 100%. Sleep, every meal is carefully thought out, every session with you trainer is progressive and structured.

I mean what's the point in investing in your body, if you're not going to be bang on?

Sometimes as a personal trainer though, it’s my job to motivate, to just tweak the workout a little or putting something in that they really enjoy just to get a bit more out of them.

 So what I want to you to ask yourself is ‘Am I really ‘on it’ or am I just saying I am?

I’m not judging you if you aren’t by the way. Just know that that when you are in that zone, when you are on it, your results will show.

Don’t be that person who is saying they are doing everything right but still not getting results, it’s probably not your personal trainers fault.

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