Do You Have It?

Do you have it?


If you are a Mum reading this who is married with kids then this might be challenging.

Whereas someone who is single or maybe someone who's getting married might find this easier.


Let me explain;

To get a result with someone usually comes from them having necessity to get that said result.

Let's take weight loss for example.

If you have a bit of weight to lose but you happily married with kids where is that internal drive going to come from to lose that weight?

Unless you're really headstrong it's going to be difficult.


On the other hand if you are single you have that bit of an extra kick up the backside. You want to look your best when you are trying to find someone don't you.


Same with getting married.


Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day don't they?


That there, is necessity.

So I'm challenging you, what can you challenge yourself with and make it a necessity?

My clients just seem to have ‘it’.

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John MossMr.