Do You Have Cellulite?

 Let's face it, most women have cellulite.

In fact 80-90% of women apparently experience having cellulite.

So why are you ladies so ashamed?

On this morning the other day they showed a women having a treatment

to get rid of it.

How much was this treatment?

a grand!

 Why are we promoting this?

It's so sad.

Are we saying a body without cellulite is better?

I'm certainly not and I would guess most guys wouldn't care about

cellulite on a women's body.

 We need to try and stop living up to this hype that we have to be perfect.

 Social media is destroying self confidence because we feel inadequate.

 What a load of BS.


You are YOU, now go and be that person you are supposed to be.

Stop trying to live up to expectations of this fake instagram world we live in..

because you know what... that's what it is.

Just people showing pictures of their perfect bodies that have been photoshopped and

airbrushed because god forbid someone has a wrinkle or a bit of fat or some bloody cellulite.

Most of them people aren't happy anyway.

Just go and be you.....cellulite and all.