Are Potatoes and Banana’s Fattening?


.Are banana's and potatoes fattening?

I find it quite funny that these are the foods that always pop up when people ask me about why they are gaining weight.

It's always either people saying they don't eat banana's because they'll get fat or I don't eat potatoes because they aren't very good for us.


A potato has 77 calories 37g of carbs


I would recommend Including both potatoes and sweet potatoes as part of a health-promoting diet, because we know that including both:


  • gives people “carb variety”;

  • helps people feel psychologically satisfied and physically satiated;

  • helps give people steady, slow-burn energy; and

  • helps people feel “normal” when changing their dietary habits (because potatoes and sweet potatoes are familiar foods).

  • Moreover, people can easily adapt this general recommendation to meet their individual goals.


 A banana has 89 calories, 23g of carbs


Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamin C, and manganese.

As you can see these foods are not the issue.


Stop blaming these foods on why you are overweight, they aren't the problem.


The problem is you eat too much.


I know that's harsh but it's true.


You really think these 2 foods are responsible for your weight gain?


I mean unless you are eating like 10 a day.


Come on


You're smarter than that.

You blame these 2 but don't think it might be that few bottle of wine at the weekend or that ben and jerry's.


This is a reality check for most people.


Not 1 single food is responsible for your weight gain.


It's eating more than you need consistently.


Stop blaming the banana and potato.


Start looking at what you actually consume on a daily and weekly basis.

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